Researchers' Group

The Researchers' Group (RG) supports all research staff employed at the University of Strathclyde and acts as a conduit between researchers and University Management Committees.

In this context, the term 'researchers' includes research assistants, associates and fellows. 

We focus on:

  • promoting cross-faculty events and training for research staff at all career stages;
  • bringing clarity between research staff, associated academic staff, and principal investigators;
  • communicating the interests, successes, challenges and constraints of the research community;
  • establishing a 'researchers-supporting-researchers' framework;
  • sharing good practice via events and surgeries in each faculty.

RG's members come from all faculties (HASS, SBS, Science and Engineering) and all career stages (from assistants to senior research fellows), which means that we have a variety of interests. 

We meet once a month (generally a Thursday of the month during lunchtime) and we share ideas, discuss new matters arising from the community, and plan for the next events.

Importantly, we have a RG representative sitting in the various University Committees, such as the Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee (RKEC), the Research Development Sub-Committee (RDSC) and all Faculty Research Committees (FRC). This allows us to have a presence and use our voice to work with management towards the same goals. 


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