These are some of our regular events.

Please send us an email if you are interested in participating or would like to know more.

StrathWide Conference

Running yearly since 2017, StrathWide is a one-day conference for Strathclyde researchers focusing on interdisciplinary collaboration. Despite its evolving format, the key goal of StrathWide for its participants has been, since its beginning, to look beyond one’s own faculty at varied research topics and opportunities, while also hearing of successful collaborative work from faculty members and guest speakers.

From 2019, the conference featured for the first time a small grant scheme to directly support interdisciplinary project ideas. 

Have a look to the StrathWide 2021 edition here.

Growing Up in Higher Education

This event series is based on an activity first started at New York University by Wei Ji Ma and Cristina Alberini and now running at several institutions worldwide. Each session is focused on a particular member of staff and the story behind their “official CV” - examining the doubts, struggles, detours and failures throughout the stages of their career. 

Topics, such as dealing with expectations, the role of luck and coincidence in scientific discovery, procrastination and conflicts with superiors are all discussed in the format of an open conversation.

Some of our recent speakers include Prof. Elisa Morgera (Law), Prof. Anja Lowit (Speech and Language Therapy) and Dr. Damion Corrigan (Biomedical Engineering). 

RG Coffee Mornings

During our quarterly coffee mornings, we aim to focus a bit more on the social side of being a researcher at Strathclyde.

Coming together for a cup of tea or coffee (or other beverage of choice), these informal meetings are a good opportunity to meet new people, catch up on the latest Researchers’ Group news and discuss any problems or challenges you may come across as part of your job at Strathclyde. 

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