Family Friendly

As part of the family friendly research leave policy, academic staff can access mentoring support, whether or not they choose to take family friendly research leave.

All staff who:

  • are on or have recently returned from family leave (maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption); and/or
  • are on Family Friendly Research Leave

can access mentoring support via the Family Friendly mentoring scheme, where a suitable mentor is agreed.  The purpose of the mentoring is to:

  • Provide practical advice, share experiences and provide suggestions on how to balance the demands of the role with family life, involving the human resources team where required;
  • When required, maintain and/or increase the confidence of the member of staff during and after family leave and/or family friendly research leave;
  • Provide advice and suggestions about how to maximise the benefit of Keeping in Touch (KIT) and/or Shared Parental Leave in Touch (SPLIT) days, if the member of staff chooses to take them;
  • Support and encourage the member of staff in their career and professional development, during and after family leave and/or Family Friendly Research Leave;
  • For academics on family friendly research leave, provide advice and suggestions about how to maximise the benefit of the teaching backfill member of staff. 

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