Can I register and a mentor and mentee?

Yes, you will need to complete two registration forms, one for a Mentor and one as a Mentee. 

How do you make a provisional match?

All partnership matches are based on the information from your registration form.  Please supply as much information as you can and be as specific as you can.  If you have a particular type of mentor/mentee in mind or area that you would prefer your mentor/mentee to have experience within then please let us know. 

Can I ask to be re-matched?

Yes, however we would ask that you give consideration to the match you have been sent and even meet them to discover how they can best support you.  You are likely to find that you have more in common with them, than not.  If after meeting, either party decide that they do not wish to continue then contact the Scheme Co-ordinator and you can be re-matched if appropriate.

What is the time commitment involved?

The scheme runs for 12 months.  As a guide, we suggest 1-2 hours per month commitment.

What training is there to help me as a Mentor?

There is an e-learning Mentoring Module that offers advice to both mentors and mentees.

What do I need to do as a Mentee?

The e-learning module offers advice to both mentees and mentors and explains the full process.

My mentee is raising issues which I don't believe I can help with, what should I do?

In the early stages we suggest that you have an Mentoring Agreement as to what you will be working on throughout the relationship.  If through that process there are areas that you can't help with then you can agree what can realistically be achieved.  Please remember that the matching process decision was made on the information supplied on the application form.  If issues arise that either party believe is out with the extent of the mentoring relationship and are unsure what to do please contact the Scheme Co-ordinator.

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