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Mentoring is a one-to-one supportive relationship focused on learning and development which will help individuals fulfill their potential. In essence it is a relationship based on trust and mutual regard which can facilitate and lead to career development. Below is some useful information about the scheme.

To get the mentoring off to a good start, we suggest a few things:

For the mentee:

  • Make contact as early as you can and arrange to meet as soon as you can. 
  • Have a plan.  Even if it’s a rough set of ideas that you wish to work on throughout the year.  If you have an idea of what you are trying to achieve, you will stand a better chance of achieving it.  The Mentoring Agreement can help with that, whether you just think through the questions or formally write it down.  It can be useful to discuss this in an early meeting with your mentor.

For the mentor:

  • We will let you know when your mentee has accepted the mentoring partnership and you can expect to hear from them shortly after that.
  • Building trust, rapport and working together in a helpful way takes time.  The first few meetings offers the chance to get to know each other, establishes areas of shared interest and difference.  Through encouraging the mentee to talk and discuss what would make mentoring helpful for them agreement can be reached on areas to work on.
  • The mentoring agreement can help with this.

The following topics may be useful to explore: 

  • Existing roles
  • Career paths to date
  • What inspires or excites about thier role/career path
  • Previous experiences of mentoring either as a mentor or a mentee






A useful website offering a selection of helpful articles on mentoring:  David Clutterbuck Partnership

At regular intervals we will be in touch to find out how things are going.  There will be an initial 3-month check-in via email and at 6 and 12 months there will be an online questionnaire circulated.  This informaion is used to improve the scheme.  Feedback is always welcomes, so if you do have any comments please get in touch.

Remember to check out the relevant mentoring handbook and attend the mentoring workshop that supports the scheme.  They have both been designed to help both the mentor and mentee get the most out of mentoring.


The mentoring scheme co-ordinator manages the scheme.  If anything crops up during the mentoring relationship that you wish advice on then please get in touch.  The co-ordinator will be in touch to 'check-in' around 3 months after matching and at 6 and 12 months with a short questionnaire to do some evaluation.

Research Staff & Family Friendly Support Staff  

Gillian Johnstone

Staff Development Advisor (Research Staff)

Organisational and Staff Development Unit


t: 0141 548 4332

Janet Milne

Staff Development Advisor

Organisational and Staff Development Unit


t: 0141 548 3874



Teaching Staff


Katy Savage

Academic Development Lead, Learning & Teaching

Organisational and Staff Development Unit


t:  0141 548 3851



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