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**Strathcloud was decommissioned on 31 August 2023.

Alternative data storage services:

For a quick and easy guide to choosing between the above systems, please use our File Storage Selector tool.

The Strathcloud service for accessing your H: and i: drives when off-campus is no longer available.  Please see the Connect remotely to your H: or i: network drive page to view alternative services.


About Strathcloud

Strathcloud is a secure place to store and electronic files. You can easily access and share files saved in Strathcloud. You can use Strathcloud on your desktop computer(s), laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Usually, the service is called 'Strathcloud'. You may also hear the names 'Strathcloud Sharefile' or just 'Sharefile'. Sharefile is the name of the underlying Citrix system which supports Strathcloud. Strathcloud and Sharefile are two names for the same service.

Features of Strathcloud

With Strathcloud you can:

  • store electronic files in a system that works like Dropbox or GoogleDrive, but is owned by the University
  • share and collaborate on files with others, whether or not they work or study at Strathclyde
  • sync your files between University storage and a range of devices, so that you can access your work even if you aren't connected to the internet or University network
  • share attachments that are too large to send by email
  • access your H: and i: drive from off-campus with Strathcloud Network Shares

Strathcloud user accounts

There are three different types of user account on Strathcloud:

  • employee accounts
  • client accounts
  • on-the-fly accounts

Find out more about the different types of Strathcloud user account.

Protecting shared files from deletion

Long-term sharing of files with Strathcloud requires planning.

If a colleague creates and shares a Strathcloud folder, but leaves the University, that folder and the data it contains will be deleted along with their University DS account.

If you plan to do long-term file-sharing with Strathcloud you should ask your local IT support to create the shared folder for you, under a 'hosting account'.

Strathcloud is not for

Strathcloud is not for:

  • storing very large amounts of data; for this, consider using your H or i drive (network drives)
  • writing experimental data at high speed; for this, consider writing to your H or i drive (network drives). For greater speed, write data locally first (i.e. to the hard drive of the computer you are working on) and copy it to Strathcloud or your H or i drive later
  • storing files if you are an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student; for this, use OneDrive or your H drive (network drives). However, you can access files on Strathcloud if a member of University staff has shared them with you and provided you with a direct URL
  • storing, archiving or publishing completed research data for the long-term, to comply with funder mandates; for this, consider PURE

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