Information Services Long-term file sharing with Strathcloud

**Strathcloud was decommissioned on 31 August 2023.

Alternative data storage services:

For a quick and easy guide to choosing between the above systems, please use our File Storage Selector tool.

The Strathcloud service for accessing your H: and i: drives when off-campus is no longer available. Please see the Connect remotely to your H: or i: network drive page to view alternative services.

-- Please ignore all text below.

If you wish to retain data currently stored on Strathcloud, you must migrate the data to an alternative storage service by 31/08/2022. Data remaining on Strathcloud after this date will be deleted automatically.

We recommend using Microsoft 365 storage (OneDriveTeamsSharePoint).

Note: the Strathcloud service for accessing your H: and i: drives when off-campus, will be retained after 31/08/2023.

For more information on how to migrate, visit the M365 Training and Support page.

Share files with Strathcloud

Strathcloud makes it really easy to share files:

  • on a one-off basis by emailing someone a link to a file
  • on a short-term basis, by creating a folder yourself and giving someone else permissions
  • on a long-term basis (see below)

If you're not sure how to do this, you can search the Citrix website for further information.

Long-term file sharing

Long-term file sharing on Strathcloud requires planning. If the person who originally shares files leaves the University, their files will be deleted along with their DS account. If you do not want data to be deleted when the host of the folder leaves the University, then you should ask your local IT support to create the shared folder for you under a "hosting account". This is a special account that will never be deleted and is therefore designed for hosting long-term shared data on Strathcloud.

Request access to a hosting account

To request access to store data under a hosting account, you should contact:

Faculty of Engineering Faculty IT staff
Faculty of HaSS Faculty IT staff
Strathclyde Business School Faculty IT staff
Professional Services, excluding Information Services McCance helpdesk, contact Information Services
Information Services Systems Architecture, via contact Information Services
Department of Computer and Information Sciences Departmental IT staff
Department of Mathematics and Statistics Departmental IT staff
Department of Physics Departmental IT staff
Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry Departmental IT staff
SIPBS Departmental IT staff