Cyber Security Programme

The Cyber Security Programme is designed to comprehensively improve the University’s operational cyber security.

The programme includes:

  • Year 1 – strengthening the frontline practices of all staff and students. The safer we are, the more secure our data is!
  • Year 2 – embedding cyber security standards at every stage of our IT processes. From the processes we use to procure IT equipment and services, to the internal build standards we use for keeping our data storage, network architecture, system design, and desktop equipment secure, through to ensuring that when things do go wrong we respond to them appropriately and recover from them quickly.
  • Year 3 – embedded into business-as-usual. We don’t have to work at cyber security anymore … because cyber security has just become a thing we do confidently and well.

Download our Cyber Security Programme Overview (pdf) for more information 

Are you cyber savvy? Download our 10 Steps to Cyber Success (pdf)  

For more information about how you can get involved, contact