Student username change

If you're an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student, then your username for email and Office 365 has recently changed, in early June 2020.

Previously, when you logged in to your Strathclyde email, or other Office 365 services like OneDrive or Office ProPlus, you entered your username in the following format :

for example

In June 2020, your username was changed to be the same as your email address. For example:

  • Your password has not been changed.  Your email address has not been changed.
  • Your DS username has not been changed.  So, you should still log into other services, like Myplace, Pegasus etc, in the same way as before.
  • Staff and postgraduate research students are not affected by this change.  The change does not affect anyone who currently logs into email or Office 365 with an email address ending in