Office365 is a cloud-based service provided through a partnership between the University and Microsoft.

Office365 provides access to Office applications) plus other services such as Exchange Online email and OneDrive for Business.

Exchange email


  • Exchange 2016 services including calendar, tasks, contact details
  • 50GB of storage space for email
  • Access to email and calendars from your PC, Mac, web browser and internet enabled mobile devices

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is cloud-based file storage available to our students and staff through Microsoft Office365. This cloud-based storage allows users to:

  • Store up to 1TB of content online
  • Upload files up to 2GB in size
  • Create new or edit existing documents using Microsoft's Office applications online
  • Share files with other University of Strathclyde Office365 users

Accessing OneDrive for Business

To access OneDrive for Business in Office365:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your Office365 UserID and password
  3. Select the OneDrive tab.

Using OneDrive for Business

See the Managing OneDrive for Business webpage for more information.

How OneDrive for Business differs from OneDrive

OneDrive for Business is not the same as the commercial OneDrive service you get with either a Microsoft account or OneDrive for Business provides online storage intended for University of Strathclyde academic documents.

Note: In the header or elsewhere on the University’s Office365 site, ‘OneDrive’ appears as an abbreviation of OneDrive for Business to keep things simpler.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

You can download Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free through your Office 365 account.

Help with Office365


Login to Office365

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your DS (e.g.


Redirect your email


Set up an 'Out of Office' automatic reply


Set up Office365 email in Outlook


Server settings for POP/IMAP/SMTP

Library building opening hours
  Server name Port Encryption method
POP3 995 TLS

Get Office365 on your mobile device

See our email help page for instructions.


Deleted emails

  • Deleted items stay in the Deleted Items folder indefinitely, until you delete them from this folder.
  • You have up to 14 days to recover items you have deleted from the Deleted Items folder.
  • Emails in the Junk Email folder are automatically deleted after 30 days.


Change your Office365 password

Use our password reset tool to change your DS password. Do not use the 'change password' function in Office365.


Export/archive Office 365 Mailbox items

See our email help page for instructions.


Create an Office 365 Group

See the Microsoft site for instructions.


Create, edit or delete inbox rules

See the Microsoft site for instructions.