Reading list service

The Reading List team creates and maintains electronic versions of class reading lists on behalf of academic staff.

You should send your Reading Lists to the Library as soon as they are ready, and preferably no later than 6 weeks before you require the texts.

On receipt of a reading list Library staff will review all recommended titles. We will take the following criteria into account:

  • Size of class
  • Importance of title
  • Number of copies available
  • Item borrowing statistics

We will assign appropriate locations (e.g. Short Loan Collection or Main Library Collection). We normally charge purchases to the relevant departmental library book allocation.

Viewing reading lists

You can view all reading lists online in SUPrimo (the Library catalogue) and in Myplace.


Select the 'Course material' tab and search for your class code.


Select the 'Reading list' link in the Library Links box.

Adding/updating a reading list

Email your new reading lists to

Please include the importance level of each title, choosing from the following:

  1. Core
  2. Recommended
  3. Further reading

If you do not give an importance level we will assume the text is for further reading.

If the reading list already exists in SUPrimo/Myplace, please email details of the changes you wish to make, for example new titles to add and old titles to remove.

Good practice in reading list design

Reading lists are a vital resource and you can take some simple steps to improve student satisfaction.

Lists should be:

  1. Accurate
  2. Up-to-date, with the most recent edition specified
  3. Clearly laid out with readings prioritised
  4. Accessible. Favour eBook titles wherever possible, especially if your class is large or Distance Learning

Serial subscriptions

The Reading List team can add Library print and eBooks to your reading list(s). Serial subscriptions are reviewed annually at faculty level.

Contact us

Contact the Library for help and advice regarding reading lists.