Reading list service

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Our new reading list service launches in summer 2019.

Create online reading lists structured to your module’s requirements. Embed your lists in Myplace and update them as you need to—even while your module is in progress!

Easy to build, easy to use

  • Create a dynamic, structured, annotated reading list to support your teaching
  • Add links to reports, journal articles, blogs, electronic books, websites and books in the Library
  • Use drag-and-drop to add, rearrange or remove materials at any time
  • Easily add items to your list from other websites
  • Label or add notes to citations and sections
  • Collaborate with colleagues to create and manage a reading list
  • Communicate directly with the Library to suggest chapters, digitisation or new purchases
  • Export your reading list in multiple citation formats
  • View real-time analytical data to measure student engagement with reading materials

Real-time analytical data

View detailed analytical information through an easy-to-use web interface. See how your students are engaging with the learning resources on their lists with a range of usage statistics on offer.

Student benefits

Students will be able to engage with reading lists like never before. With the software they can:

  • Mark items as ‘read’
  • Share comments about items on the reading list
  • Suggest additional reading

Updates and training

Be the first to know about training courses to help you get started with the new reading list service. Leave your email address with Library staff today or email us at