Formatting and preparing your files

Formatting and preparing your file/s

We require you to submit your thesis in PDF, wherever possible.

If you used a software package such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer or LaTeX to write your thesis, you'll need to convert your file/s before you submit them.

Detailed guidance on the format of theses, including page layout, is detailed in University Regulation 20.6.

Security settings

Please do not modify the default security settings when creating your PDF.

Naming your file/s

Please save the PDF version of your thesis using the following format:

  • year name degree.pdf, e.g. 2007smithphd.pdf or 2008jonesmphil.pdf

Incorporating files

Before converting to PDF you need to ensure that you have incorporated any elements of the thesis created in programmes such as Excel, Access, PowerPoint (etc.) into the main body of the thesis.

If using Microsoft Word to produce your thesis, you should do this by using the Insert>Object, Insert>Picture or Insert>File options rather than by copying and pasting.

However, if there are elements that you are unable to incorporate into the main body of your thesis, you may upload these as a separate file/s.

Multiple files

Where possible, you should submit your thesis as a single PDF file. However, it is acceptable to deposit a digital thesis as a number of individual files.

Saving associated files

If you need to deposit associated files (e.g. multimedia files) which you can't incorporate in to your main PDF, please use the same file name plus the type of media, e.g. 2007smithphd_audio.mpeg

Note that you should only upload multimedia files where you own the copyright, or where you have cleared any necessary rights.

Describing your submission

You should include on the disk a separate file that explains the nature of the associated files, including:

  • name of file
  • what type of file it is
  • what the file consists of

This helps Library staff to process your thesis. If you do not include this we may not be able to upload the files.

Please note there are no restrictions on the type of multimedia files you can upload, but we can't guarantee that such files will continue to be accessible in the future.

File size

If you are concerned that your PDF file is very large please contact us for advice on the options available.