Mathcad is the industry standard for applying mathematics. The Mathcad product family allows you to calculate, graph, and communicate technical ideas. Mathcad delivers all the solving capabilities, functionality and robustness needed for calculation, data manipulation and engineering design work.

Is this software right for me?

This software can be used by staff on university computers, whether that is a laptop or desktop, both on and off campus.


What does this software do?

Mathcad is used as engineering maths software.

Windows version : 7.0

Support Level : None

How do I get it?

Staff :

Available for download via Pegasus.

Student :

Personal licences are available to purchase.

Please contact Julia Caturova at Alfasoft for further information.

Computer Labs :

Mathcad is also available on the virtual desktop - http://aka.ms/wvdarmweb

Licence Agreement / Costs

Type : Site licence

End Date : Renewed annually

Licence Details :

Full licence terms are available below:

Usage :

Use by staff/students on University owned machine only.

Off-site usage is allowed on University owned machines.

Personal Licence : Personal licences are available to purchase from Mathcad's supplier Alfasoft.


Mathcad Prime - How To Install On Windows

When downloading this software, an automated email will be sent to your university email account. Please read this email as it contains information and instructions.

If you have any problems downloading or installing this software, please contact help@strath.ac.uk

If you want older versions of this software, other versions are available on the Available Licensed Software page on Pegasus. 


Personal licences are available to purchase.

Please contact Julia Caturova at Alfasoft for further information.


The Development & Training Resource Centre has a wealth of online training resources including video tutorials, tutor-led material, self-study material and links to external best practice sites. Follow the link(s) below for more information:


Who is it for?

Staff :

Free to download to University owned PC/Laptop

Student :

Mathcad is available for use on the virtual desktop - http://aka.ms/wvdarmweb
Personal copies available for purchase.
See the 'How do I get it?' section for details.

System Requirements

Minimum Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 10

Minimum Hardware:
CPU: Pentium, 700 MHz.
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Free drive space: 1.75 GB.
Display: 1024 X 768 resolution.