The Select Agreement allows University departments to purchase Microsoft software. With the Select scheme a licence must be obtained before any software can be installed.

The most popular requested software is listed below:

Visio Standard

Visio Professional

Visio Premium

Visual Studio Standard

Visual Studio Professional

Windows Server Standard

Windows Server Enterprise




Windows version : Various

Support Level : None

How do I get it?

Staff :

Various Microsoft packages are available to purchase.

The ordering point for Select items is Softcat using Agreement Reference NP5016/17.

Computer Labs :

Many Microsoft software packages can be found on PCs in University Labs.


Licence Agreement / Costs

Type : Single User Licence

End Date : Renewed annually

Licence Details :

Microsoft licence terms may vary depending on the product.
Please read the specific licence agreement before obtaining the software required.

Usage :

Ordering through the Select Agreement is available for software intended for installation on University computers and for work purposes only.

Sales to students, or to individual members of staff for private purposes, are not permitted.

Personal Licence : Not applicable


Please contact Softcat using Agreement Reference NP5016/17, if you have further questions regarding the Select Agreement or wish to place an order.


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Who is it for?

Staff :

Available at a discounted cost from Softcat using Agreement Reference NP5016/17.

System Requirements

Systems requirements will differ depending on the Microsoft product

Please see  the Microsoft website.