Temporary off-campus licenses have been granted by some of our software suppliers to ensure staff and students can continue to work from home.

The following software packages are now available:

Adobe Creative Cloud

ArcGIS Online

Autodesk Web (access to BIM, Fusion and Shotgun Web can also be requested)

Mathcad and Mathcad Prime

Matlab Online

Minitab (stand-alone)

Origin Pro and Origin Pro Student Learning edition

Read & Write Gold

Wolfram Mathematica Online


Please contact the Information Services Helpdesk to find out more information on how to access the home-use licenses.

This list is updated on a regular basis but if you cannot find the software which you are looking for, go to the full catalogue of University Site Licensed Software.




Windows version : Current

Support Level : None

How do I get it?

Staff :

Contact Information Services Helpdesk

Student :

Contact Information Services Helpdesk

Licence Agreement / Costs

Type : Please see vendor for further details.

End Date : Temporary license. Please see vendor for further details on expiry date.

Licence Details :

Full license details for each package can be found on the University Site Licensed Software webpages.  Please read the terms and conditions of use before downloading or installing software.

The software and licenses provided by the University are not free. Staff and students do not own the copy of the software installed on a device. The temporary licenses will allow use at home but must be uninstalled once the license expires or work/study concludes at the University.

It is not permitted to distribute copies of software or associated license codes - downloads are logged and may be audited.  

If you would like further information on software licensing, contact help@strath.ac.uk

Usage :

This software can be used off-campus and on a personal or University-owned machine.

Personal Licence : Not applicable


If you have any problems downloading or installing this software, please contact help@strath.ac.uk



Who is it for?

Staff :

Free to download via Pegasus or accessed from external supplier.

Student :

Free to download via Pegasus or accessed from external supplier.

System Requirements

Minimum Operating System Requirements

Windows 10