The corporate mail systems within the University run Microsoft Exchange 2010. These systems have been designed to offer high availability and disaster recovery improvements over the previous version.

All staff members and Postgraduate research students use this mail service

New Student mail services will use Microsoft's "Office365" environment.

To clarify what email service you use:

Email Address Format Mail System Further Information Microsoft Office365 environment Office 365 Help  Microsoft Exchange 2010 Exchange Help

The 'email service' is in fact comprised of a number of inter-related systems.  For the most part, these are managed by IT Services, however it should be noted that a few departments provide additional services for their own staff and students; these are not discussed here.

Most users will be concerned with the main corporate email service, based on Microsoft Exchange, and which provides mailboxes and related facilities.

The mail transfer services handle the exchange of email messages between different email systems; either between systems on-campus (between departments, for example), or between campus systems and off-site email systems.  This service is responsible for checking and maintaining the integrity of messages, checking messages for viruses and other malicious or abnormal conditions, detecting unsolicited bulk email (spam), and upholding the proper standards for the exchange of messages.  The Mailmaster role is responsible for managing the mail transfer service.

The email lists service provides generic, managed email discussion or distribution lists.  The Listmaster role is responsible for managing the lists service.

In addition, Pegasus has some specialist mail facilities that are used to target particular community groups of the University, and these are available to approved members of staff.

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