Hazardous/Special Waste


The University of Strathclyde has a legal duty to ensure that all Hazardous Waste generated on campus is accurately identified and disposed of in a controlled manner through a licensed waste carrier. Estates Services manage and co-ordinate this service on behalf of the University and as such are responsible for ensuring the operation of the Hazardous Waste Service complies with both statutory requirements and the University's Health and Safety Policy, and that the service provided is safe and without risk to the health of those involved or others who could be affected by its operation.

To assist with the management of this service Estates Services have appointed an external Hazardous Waste Adviser (HWA), who is supported by the assistance of a University Hazardous Waste Co-ordinator (HWC) from Pure & Applied Chemistry.

Departmental Responsibilities

Departments producing hazardous waste are required to nominate a member of staff from within their department to assist with coordinating the removal of waste from that department. The nominated member of staff whom will be referred to as (Departmental Hazardous Waste Coordinator) will be responsible for ensuring that all hazardous waste requiring removal from the department, has been notified to the Hazardous Waste Service using an S15 form prior to removal to the Hazardous waste store.

The S15 form (S15 guidelines) must contain an accurate description and quantities of departmental Hazardous waste requiring removal must be signed by the Hazardous Waste Coordinator for that department. The Hazardous Waste Coordinator will also be responsible for ensuring the waste is packed in containers suitable for that waste prior to removal to the Hazardous Waste Store.

All Hazardous Waste must be notified by way of an S15 form emailed to the Hazardous Waste Mailbox hazardous.waste@strath.ac.uk in advance of transfer to the Hazardous Waste Store.

The Hazardous Waste Store will only accept waste on a fortnightly cycle (Opening Schedule 2013) therefore departments are responsible for ensuring regular removal of waste to avoid storage issues within their department. Further guidance on filling out the S15 can be found using the S15 guidelines.

On the day of transfer the Hazardous Waste must be accompanied by a signed S15 form and handed to either the Hazardous Waste Adviser or Hazardous Waste Coordinator. Under no circumstances should waste be left unattended out with the Store.

Note: The Hazardous Waste Adviser will only accept consignments of hazardous wastes that have previously been notified on an S15 Form, which has been completed and signed by a competent person (Nominated Co-ordinator) appointed by the Head/Director of the respective department.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Service S15 guidelines.

The Hazardous Waste Store opens to receive waste on a fortnightly cycle on Wednesday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30am.

2018-19 Store Opening Times   

Departments requiring this service should email the Hazardous Waste mailbox at hazardous.waste@strath.ac.uk, or alternatively contact Estates Services to discuss their requirement on the following numbers:

  • Paul McGowan; Ext 5783
  • Mark Lindsay; Ext 2112

Departments requiring 25ltr drums or sharps containers or any other containers should email hazardous.waste@strath.ac.uk, or alternatively contact Estates Services on the numbers below to discuss their requirements:

  • Paul McGowan; Ext 5783
  • Mark Lindsay; Ext 2112