University Governance

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Court and associated committees including:

Court Business Group; 
Court Membership Group and
Audit Committee

The Strategy and Policy Directorate coordinates the business of the University Court and its associated committees.  We provide secretariat support and implement best practice in committee servicing to ensure that institutional business is handled efficiently and in line with the University’s Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations.  We also lead on University-wide governance matters, including the implementation of the Scottish Code of Good Higher Education Governance.

Executive Team

We provide the Secretariat for the University’s Executive Team, forward planning committee business and liaising with colleagues to advise on the preparation of committee papers.



For further details about governance matters, please contact:

Dan Wedgwood, Head of Governance & Public Policy: Ext 2658:

Jane Meredith, Corporate Governance Officer:  Ext 2318:

Allison Shelvey, Administrator:  Ext 2023: