Industry work at the Advanced Forming Research Centre

EngD programmeIndustry

The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) is a four-year doctoral research programme involving a significant taught component. It provides ambitious and able students with the technical, business and personal development competencies needed to become the senior research managers of the future.

A key element of the programme is to close the link between academia and the sponsoring company. At least 75% of a student's time over the four years will be spent working on research of interest to the sponsor.

Unlike a traditional PhD, the EngD is focused on industry based research. On completion of the course, students will be awarded an EngD in Advanced Manufacturing: Forging and Forming, equivalent to a PhD, a Doctorate in Philosophy. 

Benefits to you

  • dedicated researcher to a specific area of work
  • opportunity for industry to develop future employees
  • inform research with company practices
  • strengthen ties with universities for further research links
  • economic approach for research work
  • access to university knowledge and resources
  • opportunity for commercially relevant research at a leading international centre
  • funding models available
  • focused on industry based research

This is a unique opportunity to work on advanced manufacturing production techniques with the time and flexibility to explore different solutions to manufacturing problems.

Research areas

The EngD focuses on advanced manufacturing techniques as well as the forming and forging of metallic materials. Examples of research areas students could carry out your research include, and are not limited to:

  • material characterisation
  • process modelling
  • superplastic forming (spf)
  • residual stress
  • die life
  • metrology
  • process optimisation
  • knowledge management
  • automation/robotics
  • incremental sheet forming
  • process characterisation  

Become an industry sponsor

We're always interested to hear from potential industry sponsors of EngD projects. Please contact Dr Dorothy Evans, Programme Coordinator at for further information.