Customer issue

Looking to validate its product design, Sudelac approached the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) for further advice and support.

The OGTC works with organisations to develop technologies that solve key industry challenges.  It provided access to funding and identified the AFRC as the ideal innovation partner for the project.

Key to overcoming the customer challenge was supporting Sudelac with the relevant expertise to help it progress through the technology readiness levels so that it can take its product to market.

How did the AFRC help?

 At the AFRC we understand the challenges of delivering an innovative new product.  We also benefit from access to great networks within the oil and gas industry, including our relationship with OGTC.  

Sudelac had developed a product prototype and required support to determine its operational parameters and product design, making use of our materials and process modelling expertise.

We used our finite element analysis (FEA) capability to develop a process model.  This provided us with key data indicating how the finished product would operate under certain real life conditions.

Business impact

Sudelac can use the data generated from the project to refine its product and perform validation tests as part of the next phase of development.  This data will also help the company to make key decisions as it continues on its route to market.

When Sudelac approached us, its product was at technology readiness level three, proof of concept.  The work we performed will enable Sudelac to progress quickly to technology readiness level five, meaning validation in a relevant environment, with only four more stages to go until the final operational phase.