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Customer issue

Scottish company, Adtondeo, is dedicated to developing new innovative products.

The company developed a product named Klipp-It, a universal clip that attaches to cylindrical objects such as scaffolding poles.  Klipp-It is designed as a multi-use product for the construction industry which would be safer and kinder to the environment than cable ties because it is recyclable and durable.

Adtondeo approached the AFRC in order to test the structural integrity and tolerance limits of its bespoke product.

How did the AFRC help?

Scottish Enterprise facilitated the introduction between Adtondeo and the AFRC.  The company then undertook the project with the AFRC.

Researchers and engineers at the AFRC provided a detailed analysis of the structural integrity and tolerance limits of Klipp-It using bespoke tensile testing and 3D measurements of the part using a GOM machine.  The data produced by the AFRC helped determine the product’s critical safety pull off forces.  

The tests demonstrated how Klipp-It could be used safely and effectively as a multi-purpose product in the construction industry.

Business impact

The AFRC’s in depth knowledge of metals and materials science has enabled Adtondeo to invest in the development of their product.

The company will now use the data provided by the AFRC to conduct wind calculations with structural engineers at the University of Strathclyde to determine the number of Klipp-It products required per metre squared of kedar edged banner. 

Adtondeo has secured IP and patent protection and is now approaching Scotland based construction companies to demonstrate and sell the Klipp-It product.