FreeFlow Technologies

Project information

Funding stream: Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher

Project type: Collaborative research and development

Background: FreeFlow Technologies is a Glasgow based electric bicycle manufacturer. The company has developed a lightweight and efficient pedal assist e-bike. This was achieved through an innovative gearing technology system.


FreeFlow Technologies approached the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) for support in reviewing its bike designs and drawings from a manufacturing perspective to ensure that the bicycle parts could be economically manufactured. In addition, investigation into manufacturing routes for both low and high volume production was required.

What we did

The AFRC carried out a design review with FreeFlow Technologies to identify design changes in order to reduce the economic impact of manufacturing prototypes. This was followed with a workshop held by the AFRC with FreeFlow Technologies to explore alternative methods of manufacturing; balancing design and product criteria against manufacturing process constraints.


AFRC researchers refined and simplified component designs where possible. All information was included in the drawings to ensure that the manufacturing process was efficient and cost effective. In accordance with FreeFlow Technologies’ design and product criteria, researchers identified optimal routes for manufacturing the bike.

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