Advanced Forming Research CentreHelp available

There are a number of different areas of support that the Advanced Forming Research Centre’s SME innovation and support team can provide, including:

  • Ready for innovation – a tool to assist a company in identifying where they are on the journey towards a fully integrated innovation culture
  • Energy survey – assessment of current operation conditions in terms of energy usage leading to practical advice and signposting for opportunities to reduce energy consumption and potential for developing projects to optimise thermal management strategies
  • Structured technical problem solving – facilitating a company in the application of standard techniques such as:
    • Ishikawa (Fishbone Diagram)
    • 5 Why’s: Fault Tree Analysis
    • A3 Problem solving story
    The team can also provide advice and support on practical implementation of short-term solutions
  • Funding opportunities – assistance in identification of applicable funding for particular activities and/or projects
  • Process downselection – the team currently provides support in automation downselection for companies interested in establishing options for automation in specific processes

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