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Advanced Materials Research LaboratoryOur equipment

The AMRL is home to the only glow discharge optical emission spectrometer in Scotland and one of only two in the U.K.

The Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) is fully equipped with a highly sophisticated range of equipment to meet all the needs of our clients and research associates.

The range of equipment within the AMRL is instrumental to its success. It allows all sectors of engineering to combine in a hub perfectly suited to collaborative and innovative research. The sheer range of the equipment allows the AMRL to conduct testing ranging from nano-scale characterisation right through to full-scale component evaluation. Due to this extensive range of equipment. the AMRL effectively works with many government, corporate, academic and industrial partners as research associates.

Our professional approach allows us to meet all of our clients testing or analysis enquiries.  

We can conduct the following forms of analysis:

Within these specific forms of analysis you will be able to see the full range of the AMRL's capabilities and find the service that you require.

Professional Standards

These are examples of standards that we comply with. Upon clients request we can adhere to alternative standards

C518-15 HFM Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the HFM Apparatus
 C633-01 Tensile Standard Test Method for Adhesion and Cohesive Strength of Flame-Sprayed Coatings
 D638-14 Tensile Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Plastics
 D4284-12 (2017) MIP Standard Test Method for Determining Pore Volume Distribution of Catalysts and Catalyst Carriers by MIP
 D4404-10 MIP Standard Test Method for Determination of Pore Volume and Pore Volume Distribution of Soil and Rock by MIP
 D4541-09 Tensile Standard Test Method for Pull-off Strength of Coatings using portable Adhesion Testers
 E3-11 Met Prep Standard Guide for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens
 E8-E8M-16a Tensile Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials
 E23-16b Impact Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials
 E290-09 Bend Standard Test Methods for Bend Testing of Material for Ductility
 E1508-12a EDS Standard Guide for Quantitative Analysis by EDS
 E1920-03 (2014) Met Prep Standard Guide for Metallographic Preparation of Thermal Sprayed Coatings

6892-1 (2016) Tensile Metallic materials. Tensile testing, Part 1
7608-2014 A1-2015 Fatigue Guide to fatigue design and assessment of steel products
148-1-2016 Impact Metallic materials. Charpy pendulum impact test. Test method
4516 (2002) Micro-hardness Metallic and Other Inorganic Coatings - Vickers and Knoop MicroHd Tests
6507-1 (2005) Micro-hardness Metallic materials — Vickers hardness test — Part 1 Test Method
6892-1-2016 Tensile Metallic materials - Tensile Part 1
14577-4 (2007) Micro-hardness Metallic materials. Instrumented indentation test for Hd and materials parameters. Test method for metallic and non-metallic coatings
15901-1-2016 MIP Pore Size Distribution and Porosity of Solid Materials by MIP & Gas Adsorption - Part 1-MIP
14345:2012 Fatigue Fatigue testing of Welded Components

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