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Digital Health & Wellness Research GroupOur research

Innovate, implement & evaluate  

We're an innovative team with diverse multidisciplinary backgrounds. We have experts working together to develop and conduct many different research projects. These range from co-designing and developing new devices for health and care (wearables, trackers, monitors, mobile apps), to research evaluating and implementing health and wellness products and services at scale in hospitals as well as other environments.

Based in the Department of Computer & Information Sciences, we're committed to conducting world-leading research and development activities in technological innovation in digital health.

We have a proven track record in user-centred design, delivery, and evaluation of evidence-based, and scalable, solutions. We also have a strong background in the design, delivery, and evaluation of strategies to promote and support a healthy population.


We want to use technologies and new methods of discovery. We take the state of the art technology from computer and information science and apply it to the complex world of health and care.

This includes digitally supported self-management of long-term conditions such as Diabetes and Cancer Care, Telecare, Smart-homes, Telehealth, mobile lifestyle applications, digital health intervention design and evaluation, UCD, UX and Co-design, and device creation.


We're passionate about accessible and workable solutions. Cool ideas and gadgets are no use to anyone if they're not adopted or used.

Our work on implementation includes: engaging directly with citizens and patients, implementation of health and wellness at scale including within different cultural and health service contexts, modelling, risk stratification, predictive analysis, and visualisations.


We're well known for our robust yet agile evaluation methods. Science and rigor are important to us. But so is evaluating efficiently in the field and at scale to get solutions tested and developed.

This work includes monitoring and tracking of data and devices including wearables, process evaluations, digital health interventions, randomised controlled trials, feasibility studies, evaluations of health and wellness strategies at scale, and evidence-based online and mobile health monitoring.

Funders & Partners

We have strong relationships and work closely with:

  • Humanities & Social Sciences, including the physical Activity for Health Group

  • Strathclyde Institute for Pharmacology & Biological Sciences

  • Strathclyde Business School

  • The Department of Mathematics & Statistics

  • The Centre for Public Health Policy
  • The medical devices group in Biomedical Engineering at University of Strathclyde

We have projects with many external public and government bodies in the UK including:

  • Beatson Cancer Charity
  • The Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI)
  • Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare (SCTT)
  • NHS24, The Golden Jubilee Hospital and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Digital Health and Care Alliance (DHACA)
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Glasgow Housing Association (GHA)
  • Relevant charities such as Diabetes UK, The Alliance, The Mental Health Foundation
  • Queen Elizabeth University Hospital


Current projects

Woman Listening Music Media Entertainment Relaxation

E-Prehabilitation system of care for teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer

The project aims to use a co-design approach with teenagers and young adults with cancer, healthcare professionals, academics, and digital health professionals to inform the development of an e-Prehabilitation mobile app to support teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer.

PhD projects