Our researchDeveloping and testing support resources to maximise sexual wellbeing for men following a diagnosis of prostate cancer and their partners: A Global Approach

The majority of men with prostate cancer receive treatments which affect sexual function and well-being. These sexual wellbeing issues are not being adequately addressed. The resources being developed are:

  • an online training module to enable health professionals (HPs) to address the psycho-sexual needs of men and their partners.
  • an ‘Engagement, Assessment Support & Signposting Instrument (EASSI) for HPs to use with men in clinical practice.
  • a web-based programme for men and their partners to manage the psychosexual problems they may experience

The project runs from January 2017 to November 2019



Prostate Cancer UK

Project Partners

The University of Ulster, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, NHS Tayside, University of Southampton

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