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Colorectal cancer prevalence and need to detect early sign of cancer is widely acknowledged by the NHS. As part of that, introducing colon capsule endoscopy to screen bowel cancer can be a beneficial move in the Scottish population.

HiCAP is about the cost-benefit analysis of colon capsule endoscopy. It's the first phase of the ScotCAP project that'll scale up through entire NHS Scotland and eventually for HTA submission.

By using health economic methods, HiCAP will investigate associated costs and benefits to introduce colon capsule endoscopy in community practice and rural GPs from where travelling to an urban or regional hospital to get an optical colonoscopy is tedious and time-consuming. It would compare the current gold standard procedure - optical colonoscopy - with colon capsule endoscopy and report a succinct analysis to inform the health board about both screening methods.

Currently, the project is investigating the cost-benefit analysis based on the feasibility study in NHS-Highland. Dr Matt-Mouley Bouamrane is the principal investigator for this project and Mr. Jinesh Patel is assisting in this research work.

Primary contact person(s) for this project

  • Matt-Mouley Bouamrane