Observing cities in a new light

The Institute for Future Cities' City Observatory is a new information system which collects, manages and interprets data related to the urban environment.

Glasgow as a Future City

The observatory - which will be based at Strathclyde's state-of-the-art Technology and Innovation Centre - will use data capture and analytic systems to enable Glasgow and other cities to develop a new understanding of their cities and systems, and how these interact more widely with regions, economies, communities, businesses and individuals.

Living labs

Glasgow and partner cities will act as living labs for testing new approaches to urban problems, providing real-time feedback. This will help facilitate sustainable urban development by allowing researchers, developers and policy makers to see how the city responds to new systems; identify optimal solutions and uncover future possibilities.

To find out more about our City Observatory, contact Helen Kendrick or follow the team on Twitter @ifuturecities.