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International Public Policy Institute Centre for Government & Public Sector Policy

Designing policy to meet citizen needs and funding constraints

A fundamental purpose of government and the public sector is to provide services to satisfy public needs.

However, in a world where government funding is under severe pressure and the expectations of citizens continue to rise, the design and delivery of public services at all levels of government will continue to be under strain and scrutiny. In addition, the role of business in the delivery of public services is a key political and operational issue.

The Centre for Government & Public Sector Policy draws together expertise from across Strathclyde: the School of Government and Public Policy; Law; Education; and Social Work & Social Policy in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, and expertise from Strathclyde Business School in management science, economics and human resource management.

With a focus on governance and public service delivery at national, regional and city levels, as well as the role and impact of public and private partnerships, the Centre for Government & Public Sector Policy aims to strengthen society and to improve the management and effectiveness of public services.

To help to promote the broader interests of society with respect to public service delivery, the Centre for Government & Public Sector Policy works with local and national governments to advise on the delivery and impact of sector and cross-sector policies.

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