Maritime Safety Research Centre PhD Topics

We're looking to appoint PhD students in the following areas:



  • Safety and security of complex and cyber-physical systems
  • Dynamic barrier management
  • Emergency response process and systems
  • Total resilience of marine systems
  • Intact/damage stability of ships and offshore assets 
  • Fire protection of ships and offshore assets
  • Accident/incident data reporting and processing
  • Safety culture
  • Safety, security, environmental footprint and logistics of marine autonomous systems
  • Digital Twins for enhancing safety 
  • Ship Design for Safety
  • Safe e-navigation and Ccllision avoidance
  • Engine room and marine systems: Design for Safe and Efficient Operation
  • Alternative Fuels: Impact on ship and systems safety
  • Maritime Enterprise Risk Management

More information

For more information please enquire by email; be sure to include relevant information such as your area of interest, and your CV.

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