Oil & Gas InstituteWork with us

Recognising that different industry partners’ have varying requirements and resources, we offer a range of methods of engagement to suit all partners, depending on whether you're looking for contract research with IP protection, or shared-knowledge strategic projects creating value for the wider economy.

Single project or consultancy´╗┐

Supporting industry with consultancy in a range of topics, we also offer a range of short term single projects which can be either contract research or more collaborative research co-funded with the university.

Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs)

Identifing innovative solutions to help business grow, our academic staff work with industry and our graduates, combining skills and knowledge.

Sponsored research programmes & studentships

Where longer term study is required, companies can support PhD or Masters research projects´╗┐. Similar in approach to the KTPs, the Industrial Doctorate programme provides opportunities for company employees who are carrying out high quality research in the normal course of their work to register for and obtain a PhD degree from the University of Strathclyde.

Longer term platform funding

Strathclyde works closely with stakeholders to develop innovation platforms, such as the Power Networks Demonstrator Centre (PNDC) with Scottish Power and Scottish & Southern Energy; the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) with Boeing and Rolls Royce; and the Weir Advanced Research Centre (WARC), with the Weir Group.

Help with funding

Companies can access the university’s expertise, facilities and routes to funding through involvement in collaborative research programmes such as Research Council, Innovate UK and European Commission Horizon 2020 programmes.