Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)Aims and Objectives

The Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) will be used in conjunction with other strategically committed funding sources to address the following aims:

  • Achieve a step change improvement in engagement with new partners, through our Glasgow City Innovation District, to stimulate and accelerate company growth.
  • Achieve a step change in engagement with small and medium enterprises (SME).
  • Build strategic partnerships through broadening of early-stage engagements, stimulating multi-disciplinary approaches to industrial challenges
  • Create an environment that accelerates the careers of the next generation of researchers and impact leaders, providing training in responsible research and innovation (RRI); impact planning and execution; opportunities for early career researchers to lead impact projects.
  • Stimulate new interdisciplinary and diverse research projects across research council remits
  • Inspire a new generation of Impact Champions
  • Build upon activity embedded from previous IAAs to deliver impact from EPS research portfolio.

Contact Information

Tanya Kay, Senior Manager - Environment & Impact

Clare McLaren, IAA & Strategic Theme Project Manager

Victoria Pollard-Nelson, Impact Development Officer