Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)Impact Champions

Strathclyde is committed to inspiring and developing a cohort of “Impact Champions” to become the research and impact leaders of the future. Strathclyde has successfully implemented an IAA Impact Champion model to help drive impact project implementation, and knowledge exchange. Impact Champions are typically post-doctoral researchers or centre for doctoral training (CDT) graduates employed by the University.

The aim of the scheme is to provide more effective project management to Strathclyde’s collaborations, while providing Impact Champions with business development and commercial experience to complement their research backgrounds. Impact Champions have access to a number of funding mechanisms to support them in their KE and impact endeavours.

Impact Champions take a leadership role covering a spectrum of activities, which may include:

  • Commercial exploitation
  • Public engagement
  • Policy influencing
  • Enhancing research capacity and understanding by public and third sector organisations

The IAA, in collaboration with other internal departments and external providers, will provide training and event opportunities tailored to meet the needs of our Impact Champions. In particular, Impact Champions will receive training in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and Case Study Writing. 

Further benefits of becoming an Impact Champion include:

  • Real value-add for the CV
  • Increased awareness of funding stakeholders (e.g. UKRI) agenda for early-stage career development
  • Increased awareness of the needs and requirements of commercially focused research work
  • Exposure to business skills
  • Expanded network – with academic and non-academic partners
  • Expanded knowledge of funding streams for engagement with small and medium enterprises (SME)

Contact Information

Tanya Kay, Senior Manager - Environment & Impact

Clare McLaren, IAA & Strategic Theme Project Manager

Victoria Pollard-Nelson, Impact Development Officer