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Geert Van Calster, Professor at the University of Leuven

Geert, professor ordinaries in the University of Leuven, practices as well as teaches environmental law (now at King’s College, London, and at Monash University, Melbourne). His expertise in environmental and natural resources law is well documented and illustrated by having been the co-founder and, for 10 years, director of studies of KU Leuven's Master of Energy and Environmental Law program. Geert's Handbook of EU environmental Law, with Dr Leonie Reins, was published by Edward Elgar in March 2016. The second ed. of his Handbook of EU Waste Law was published by Oxford University Press in March 2015, and the Research Handbook on Climate Change Mitigation Law (with Wim Vandenberghe and Leonie Reins) was published by Edward Elgar, also in March 2015. Geert has an extensive body of work on legal issues surrounding risk analysis harmonisation. He has particular expertise in the 'SHE' (safety, health and environment) aspects of nanotechnology and biotechnology (including GMOs), looking also however at international trade, intellectual property, governance and sustainable development concerns. His most recently funded research in the area concerns the coherent regulation of Energy and Environment in the EU, using shale gase as a case-study (funded by FWO 2014-2018; and circular economy and sustainable materials management (funded by various sources, 2015-ctd.).