Book launch: Prof. Jeremie Gilbert “Natural Resources and Human Rights”

Friday 11th January 16:00 - 18:00. CL205, Collins Building, University of Strathclyde

This event is free but please register at Eventbrite.


The management of natural resources is linked to broad issues of economic development, as well as to political stability, peace and security, but it is also intimately connected to the political, economic, social and cultural rights of individuals and communities relying on these resources. In his presentation, Prof. Gilbert will argue that human rights law can play an important role in ensuring a more effective and sustainable management of natural resources, putting forward the idea of a human rights-based normative framework for natural resource management. Based on his new book on the topic, the presentation will advocate for a better integration of human rights law in the overall international legal framework governing the management of natural resources to ensure that local populations actively participate and benefit to the management of their natural resources.

Prof Elisa Morgera and Dr Saskia Vermeylen from SCELG will be joined by Willem Odendaal from the Legal Assistance Centre Namibia, acting as discussants for Prof. Gilbert’s new book.

Jeremie Gilbert

Gilbert is a Professor of Human Rights Law, he joined the Roehampton Law School in June 2017. His main area of research is International Human Rights Law, and more particularly the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples, looking in particular at their right to land and natural resources.