Graham Hamley

PhD Researcher

Graham’s research focuses on the relationship between human rights and marine biodiversity. Despite increasing global recognition of the intrinsic practical relationship between the two and the benefits humans derive from a healthy marine environment, legal frameworks governing the fields have largely developed in isolation with little done at an operational, legal or academic level towards alignment. Through his research, Graham seeks to investigate ways in which existing international legal instruments may be interpreted and applied to mutually support human health and marine biodiversity.

Graham’s most recent activities include:

  • Leading a team of legal analysts as part of the World Bank’s Enabling the Business of Agriculture project to analyze laws governing the transportation of agricultural products in 82 countries;
  • Co-delivering week-long workshops with the OIE in Lesotho and Zambia, training government officials from multiple countries on drafting veterinary legislation;
  • Providing regulatory advisory services and legislative drafting support to countries in conjunction with the OIE and FAO;
  • Co-authoring and editing FAO guidelines on the development of integrated multipurpose animal recording systems;
  • Producing policy briefs on the relationship and potential interactions between the Nagoya Protocol and existing legal frameworks while working with Professor Elisa Morgera.

Before joining the Centre in October 2018, Graham worked as a Team Lead at the World Bank; a legal consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the University of Edinburgh; and as a project manager at CDP. Graham’s primary work areas included agriculture law and corporate climate change policy. Graham holds an LL.B. in law from the University of Dundee and an LL.M. with distinction in Global Environment and Climate Change Law from the University of Edinburgh.