Mika Schröder

PhD Researcher

Mika, by training, is a researcher within the field of international environmental law, yet she approaches her work from interdisciplinary perspectives, and she has experience working with colleagues in sociology, anthropology, education and art.

Her current research explores the normative dimensions of international biodiversity law, focusing on the participatory processes involving local stakeholders, in particular Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, within international law-making and other legal forums. The main focus of her work looks at these processes from the perspective of ethics and spatial justice, addressing whether and how these enable an interrogation and reimagining of global conservation endeavours by accommodating and embracing local perspectives and experiences. Within this project, she is also exploring linkages with rights to land, culture and cultural expression, and self-determination.

Mika’s most recent activities include:

  • Contributed and aided in the facilitation of a 5-day process organised by the Institute of Uncanny Justice, exploring avenues for the decolonisation of law and legal processes, with a particular focus on ongoing native land claims in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. The event was attended by lawyers, anthropologists, linguists, practitioners, and San representatives and leaders
  • Ongoing research assistance with Dr Louisa Parks (University of Trento), conducting inter-disciplinary research identifying ‘spaces for local voices’ of indigenous peoples and local communities within the legal provisions of the CBD, as part of the BENELEX research project
  • Conference presentations: Discussed preliminary results from ongoing research into dominant discourses of nature within the conservation paradigm at, the III Tarragona International Environmental Law Colloquium ‘Ecological Justice and Environmental Law in the Anthropocene: A new paradigm for earth community’; and the VI Strathclyde Postgraduate Colloquium on Environmental Law and Governance
  • Assisted in the teaching of Honours Class on Global Environmental Justice
  • Co-authored report with Hon. Prof. Lorenzo Cotula from IIED exploring the extent to which ‘community dimensions’ featured in international investment arbitrations, including whether and how investor-state arbitral tribunals addresses such aspects in the settlement of investment disputes
  • Published BENELEX blog posts related to ongoing work identifying ‘spaces for local voices’ in the CBD (co-authored), local governance and benefit-sharing within wildlife conservation (sole author) and gender equality in the natural resource sector (co-authored)

Mika speaks Swedish and Norwegian and reads French.