Renee Martin-Nagle

PhD Researcher

Renee Martin-Nagle, JD, LLM, focuses her research on both the governance and the hydrogeology of transboundary aquifers, with particular concern for ecosystem protection and interspecies equity. Her PhD thesis will examine and propose possible governance regimes for transboundary offshore freshwater resources such as offshore aquifers and methane hydrates.

Renee’s most recent activities include the following:

  • publication by Brill of a monograph entitled 'Transboundary offshore aquifers: A search for a governance regime'
  • publication by the American Bar Association of an article entitled 'Preserving Groundwater in a Changing Climate'
  • publication by The Geographer of an article entitled 'Offshore aquifers: An untapped resource'
  • publication by the Stockholm World Water Week of an article entitled 'Transboundary bulk water transfers: developments and challenges' (co-authored with Gabriel Eckstein)
  • publication by Tiferet of an article entitled 'Entangling science and spirituality'
  • election to a three-year term as Treasurer of the International Water Resources Association
  • lecturer in International Environmental Law at the University of Strathclyde in the fall 2015 and spring 2016 terms
  • coordination and drafting modules for a four-part online water training course funded by the Scottish Government for UNITAR
  • overall scientific reviewer for ten-part training program on 'Greening of water law' produced by AIDA for UNEP

Renee has given presentations on water-related topics at the IWRA World Water Congress, the Stockholm World Water Week, the International Association of Hydrogeologists Congress, the Dundee International Law and Transboundary Freshwaters Workshop, and the Hydro-Hegemony Conference.  In addition, she participated in planning and also chaired a panel at the 2016 World Water Day seminar in Dundee, Scotland.

Prior to joining the water sector, Renee served for more than 20 years as the chief legal officer of Airbus Americas, retiring in 2011 as Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Environmental Affairs, Corporate Secretary and a member of the board of directors.

Among her many industry activities, she was elected as chair of the American Bar Association Forum on Air and Space Law and was given the 2014 Aviation Industry Woman of Excellence Award by the International Aviation Women’s Association, a global organisation of executive women in aviation.