RP2: Emotionally Connecting with the Ocean

Global, with focus on Africa and South Pacific

Led by Co-Directors Jeffrey/Glasgow School of Art, McGarry/Rhodes & Armstrong/USP

Research Progamme 2 centres on artists’ engagement to address the dialogue disconnect, by nurturing a deeper connection to a healthy ocean. It’s innovation lies in utilising creative responses and cultural heritage not only for dissemination, but also as an active means of research involving different stakeholders and surfacing multiple, competing conceptions of the ocean. This feeds other Hub research programmes with views of groups that are generally under-represented in more traditional approaches (RP5). It provides sources of customary law for analysis under RP1 and insights into traditional knowledge and livelihoods feeding into RP3,4 and 5. It offers an outlet for youth, in connection with the “One Ocean Education Programme,” as part of an inclusive education to sustainability.  RP2 is supported by a “Deep Emotional Engagement Programme/DEEP fund” to commission artistic responses that capture evolving challenges to ocean management, the ocean’s multiple contributions to human wellbeing, and Hub findings.