RP3: Sustainable and equitable fisheries in an ecosystem context

West Africa and Southwest Pacific

Led by Co-Directors Kenny/Cefas & Nyarko/Cape Coast

RP 3 contributes to connect science and policy on critical fishery resources, habitats and natural processes. It enhances science-based fisheries management that supports productive and resilient ecosystems as well as nutrition, livelihoods, decent work and gender equality. It is radically novel in co-developing, and including traditional knowledge in, tools for integrated assessment, management and monitoring of multiple, potentially conflicting, fishery sectors (eg artisanal, commercial, recreational, aquaculture). It focuses on the inshore/offshore interface in West Africa, and on inshore fisheries in the South Pacific. It advances understanding of fishery ecosystem functions, associated biodiversity processes, climate change impacts and links to socio-ecological and governance drivers with a view to developing tools that are suited to datachallenged contexts. It contributes to trade-offs analysis under RP4 and research on area-based management under RP5.