RP5: Transformative governance for an inclusive, innovative and responsible blue society

South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Fiji and Solomon Islands

Co-directors McGarry/Rhodes, Brodie/USP and Houreau/Seychelles

RP 5 moves beyond the top-down/bottom-up dichotomy, by developing an integrated and intersectional approach to the blue economy. It grounds research across RPs 1-4 in knowledge co-production aimed at tackling poverty, inequality and climate change (SDGs 1.4, 2.1, 2.3, 8.2-4, 11.A & 15.9). It applies iterative transgressive social-learning methodologies (ethnographic action-research and participatory process) to investigate ideological tensions between modern/traditional governance modalities in relation to marine spatial planning, socio-cultural and environmental assessments, community ownership, and benefit-sharing (┬╗Lombard, Rees, Diz, Wynberg, Sowman, Morgera CVs).