About the programme

This exciting education programme offers primary age pupils (age 7 12 years) the opportunity to learn about sustainability and explore new cultures and geographies through islands. Island Explorers uses the context of island life to explore sustainability and current global challenges, bringing together learning in various science, engineering, social science and artistic concepts. In this immersive learning experience pupils explore new cultures, connect with peers around the world, and investigate a sustainability challenge. Inspiring innovation, pupils are challenged to create potential solutions to real global sustainability issues, giving them a chance to get creative and use their imagination, whilst adding an element of fun competition.

Overview of Programme Lesson Plans:

Each year group focuses on a different island and sustainability challenge, all years follow the same key stages in the programme

Lesson 1 & Lesson 2

Getting to know the island: geography, environment, people, language, culture

Lesson 3

Investigating the sustainability challenge

Lesson 4

Further investigation and researching current solutions

Lesson 5 & 6

Designing and building solutions

Reporting and ‘pitching’ solutions in the ‘Dragon’s Den’

Schools participating in Island Explorers will receive a teacher’s handbook and each pupil will receive a pupil workbook where they will be able to navigate their sustainability journey. Schools will also receive the necessary practical materials to undertake the programme. However, the latter is not resource intensive and does not require high-levels of technology within the school environment. The only resources which should be supplied by the schools/pupils are recycled materials suitable for building models of the solutions the pupils may design.

At the end of each year the University of Strathclyde organises an Island Explorers celebration event on campus to which pupils are invited. This is a great day for the Island Explorers to come together and gives them an opportunity to showcase their work and also to get a first-hand insight into a University environment.