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Strathclyde Security Research GroupGovernment & industry engagement

Dr Shishir Nagaraja

Dr Nagaraja leads an international consortium involving Brocade, Juniper, VMWare, Samsung, and Fortinet on SDN security.

He has four patents in trust and security. His work on the FLAIM lightweight secure distributed database is currently running on tens of thousands of production servers at large banks and media houses.

He also works closely with a number of NGOs including the Tibetan Govt-in-exile on defences against targeted malware attacks.

Dr George Weir

Dr Weir works closely with the Scottish Police and the Scottish Policing Research Institute on extremist content detection.

Dr James Irvine

Dr Irvine works closely with a consortium of electricity suppliers such as Scottish Power and equipment manufacturers such as Triphase.

Dr Robert Atkinson

Dr Atkinson's collaboration with Cisco has lead to the adoption of a data-provenance solution into Ciscos routers.

Dr Robert Atkey

Dr Atkey works with banks and trading firms to detect potential concurrency attacks in distributed computing environments.

Dr Daniel Thomas

Dr Thomas works with industry such as the GSMA and mobile device manufacturers to measure security. He works with law enforcement (NCA and FBI) and industry (ThreatSTOP) to measure cybercrime and evaluate interventions.