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Strathclyde Security Research GroupOur facilities

Due to our practical focus, we have built and run a number of security testbeds.

The Experimental Network ArChitectures Testbed (ENACT)

ENACT is a specialist testbed for enacting a variety of network-infrastructure scenarios, enabling networked systems research from low-level physical wiring to network protocols and applications, via a software-defined networking (SDN)-capable network testbed. ENACT is currently composed of 1056 switch ports and 96 server ports, using Pica8 3290N switches and Juniper 4500EX switches.

ENACT membership includes Juniper, Brocade, VMWare, Samsung, InMon and Fortinet.

The Ransom Architectures for Network and Systems Opportunistic Malware (RANSOM) Testbed

The RANSOM testbed enables malware and vulnerability research for opportunistic malware on a cluster farm of desktop, mobile, and server class hardware. RANSOM is composed of an exclusive datacentre that hosts up to 100k virtual machines on a 40Gbps Mellanox network. The farm runs malware honeypots, experimental malware defences, and offensive technologies.

The Power Network Demonstration Centre (PNDC) Testbed

PNDC is an AC electricity grid emulator that enables research on experimental architectures for secure power systems. It helps enact a variety of scenarios from bidirectional 500kVa to 1MVA power systems, thus providing a facility for studying the security of power systems in the face of adversaries - for instance, to create adversarial loads in power systems and adversarial interference in phase balancing mechanisms in high-voltage networks.

The PNDC testbed is composed of expandable Triphase modular power system hardware within two substations connected by fibre-optic cables, scada interface equipment connected via Cisco connected routers and managed via software-defined controllers.

PNDC membership includes SSE, SPEN, UKPN, Vodafone and Cisco.