Doctoral student awarded research travel grant

A Strathclyde doctoral student in the Department of Accounting & Finance is on her way to Taiwan, having been awarded a research travel grant of £1,340.

The grant has enabled Yu-Lin Hsu to be able to accept an invitation to be a research visitor at the National Taiwan University (NTU), from where she’ll conduct fieldwork investigating how financial reporting choices are made by firms.

Top 100

The invitation to Taiwan was extended by Professor of Accounting, Dr Chi-Chun Liu, a graduate in accounting of New York University, who is currently Chairman of the Department of Accounting, College of Management, NTU. The NTU, and its Department of Accounting, are both ranked in the top 100 in the world.

Research impact

Yu-Lin’s research will centre on the cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung, and their environs. These cities are among the largest in Taiwan, with Taipei, the capital city, being renowned for commerce, banking and light industry (including high-technology ventures), and Kaohsiung, the so called Harbour Capital, being renowned for heavy industry (for example steel, shipbuilding) and maritime services.

As Taiwan is a knowledge-intensive economy, the work that Yu-Lin is undertaking will be of great interest to analysts of the performance of the Taiwanese economy in the global market place.

Half of Yu-Lin’s travel grant comes from the PGR Student Travel Fund, and half from her department.