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The Construction Law Research Cluster (CLRC) was established in 2010 by Dr Andrew Agapiou. It's been actively engaged in research related to the legalities of the construction process including dispute resolution, regulatory enforcement and corporate corruption.

Research involves working together with the University’s Law School. Recent research has focused on:

  • Delay & disruption
  • Dispute resolution
  • Environmental regulation & corporate corrupt practice

Staff are part of the academic community researching the legalities of the construction process. Many have published extensively in international journals and have also edited books. Staff in the research cluster are members of CIB Working Commission on Law and Dispute Resolution. They also offers training and consultancy on the legal aspects of construction.

Academic leader

Collaborating academics

Our research involves working jointly with the University's Law School.

Research grants

We've received a number of research grants including:

  • Strathclyde University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Strategic Fund. ‘Scottish Construction Mediation: a survey of the client base’
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Education Trust Award Scheme. ‘Construction clients and mediation: a follow up study of attitudes and experiences’

Knowledge exchange awards

  • Association of Scottish Schools of Architecture and the Centre for Education in the Built Environment. ‘The development and evaluation of a contract management simulation game for Architecture students and professionals’
  • SEEKIT Knowledge and Technology Transfer in the Built Environment Award. ‘The feasibility of developing a web-based contract management training tool for Architecture Professionals’ (with Gibb Architects Ltd)
  • Strathclyde University Faculty of Engineering Knowledge Exchange Micro-Grant Scheme. ‘The feasibility of developing of a web-based contract management training tool for Quantity Surveying Professionals’

Key publications

  • Agapiou, A (2005) Whistle-blowing Protection Provisions for Construction Industry Employees. Construction Industry Quarterly, 7 (4), 135-141. ISSN 1469-4819
  • Agapiou, A (2006) The Use and Evaluation of a Simulation Game to Teach Professional Practice Skills to Undergraduate Architecture Students, Journal of Education in the Built Environment, 1(2), ISSN 1747-4205.
  • Agapiou, A and Clark, B (2011) Scottish construction lawyers and mediation: an investigation into attitudes and experiences, International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, 3(2) ISSN: 1756-1450
  • Agapiou, A (2011) Scottish Construction Lawyers’ awareness and experiences of ADR, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Procurement, Management and Law, 164 (4), 181-192, ISSN: 1751-4304
  • Agapiou, A and Clark, B (2012) An empirical analysis of Construction Lawyers’ interaction with Mediation: a qualitative approach, Civil Justice Quarterly, October, ISSN: 0261-9261
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