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Architecture Innovative construction technologies & building information management

The cluster for research in Innovative Construction Technologies and Building Information Management (BIM) addresses a strategic priority of the Department of Architecture to develop innovative technologies in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC).

Our research evaluates and develops advanced methodologies and approaches for adopting cutting-edge Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to optimise 'total building performance' and to minimise waste and the environmental impact of construction in cities.

We aim to fill the gap in research and knowledge exchange to support the (AEC) industry in coping with the UK Government mandate for implementation of BIM Level 2 in all public projects from 2016, and the prospective BIM Level 3 mandate. We work closely with the UK AEC industry and will act as a knowledge hub and a conduit for facilitating a paradigm shift within the industry.

We seek to extend knowledge of ICT integrated practices and innovative transdisciplinary solutions including:

  • advanced manufacturing technologies & the transportation & assembly of components
  • integrated facilities management throughout the whole lifecycle of the building
  • intelligent decision making support
  • design & operation of intelligent buildings & building clusters
  • management & protection of critical infrastructure

Academic leaders

Collaborating academics

Research grants & projects

  • Farzad Pour Rahimian, February 2017-January 2020, University of Strathclyde and Norscot Joinery LTD, ‘Development of a BIM-Tango Integrated Virtual Showroom for Offsite Manufactured Production’
  • Farzad Pour Rahimian, May 2017- April 2020, University of Strathclyde and ARBNCO, ‘Using Artificial Intelligence for Optimising Retrofitting in Commercial Buildings’
  • Farzad Pour Rahimian and Andrew Agapiou January 2017-Date, Route to Impact Fund by Advanced Forming Research Centre, ‘Real-Time Simulation of Construction Projects through Hybrid Application of Building Information Modelling and Image Processing’
  • Farzad Pour Rahimian et al, July 2016-Date, buildingSMART Regulatory Room Interoperability Work Group, ‘Regulations Requirements and Recommendations (RR3) - WG2 Compliance checking’
  • Ibrahim Motawa et al., 2014-2015, Online BIM Design Studio for project-based courses, The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education UK
  • Ibrahim Motawa et al., 2013-2014, Collaborative learning via the cloud-based BIM technology, The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education UK
  • Ibrahim Motawa et al., 2013-2014, An integrated multi-modal Interfaces Knowledge System for Energy Efficient Buildings, Interdisciplinary project fund, Heriot-Watt University, UK
  • Zhen Chen, 2017-2020, University of Strathclyde and external partners, ‘An analytic approach to sustainability assessment in urban megaprojects’
  • Zhen Chen, 2014-2015, British Council, ‘Adaptive disaster and emergency management for the sustainable built environment’
  • Fan Wang, Zhen Chen, 2014-2018, Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) and the National Galleries of Scotland, ‘Optimising energy use in the National Gallery buildings in Scotland’

Key publications

  • Pour Rahimian, F., Arciszewski, T., & Goulding, J. S. (2014). Successful education for AEC professionals: case study of applying immersive game-like virtual reality interfaces. Visualisation in Engineering, 2(4). doi: 10.1186/2213-7459-2-4
  • Goulding, J. S., Pour Rahimian, F., Arif, M., & Sharp, M. (2014a). New offsite production and business models in construction: priorities for the future research agenda. Architectural Engineering and Design Management (ahead-of-print), 1-22. doi: 10.1080/17452007.2014.891501
  • Goulding, J. S., Pour Rahimian, F., & Wang, X. (2014b). Virtual reality-based cloud BIM platform for integrated AEC projects. Journal of Information Technology in Construction (ITCON), 19 (Special Issue BIM Cloud-Based Technology in the AEC Sector: Present Status and Future Trends), 308-325
  • Pour Rahimian, F., & Ibrahim, R. (2011). Impacts of VR 3D sketching on novice designers' spatial cognition in collaborative conceptual architectural design. Design Studies, 32(3), 255-291
  • Motawa, I. (2017). Spoken dialogue BIM systems – an application of Big Data in construction. Journal of Facilities, DOI: 10.1108/F-01-2016-0001 (In press)
  • Motawa, I. A. and Fountoukidou, A. A. (2016). The role of Green BIM in energy efficiency of buildings. In the Proceedings of the Sustainable Built Environment Conference (SBE), Cairo, Egypt
  • Motawa, I and Almarshad, A (2015). Case-Based Reasoning and BIM systems for asset management, Journal of Built Environment Project & Asset Management (Special Issue: BIM for Built Asset Management), Vol. 5(3), pp. 233-247
  • Prince Boateng, Zhen Chen, Stephen Ogunlana (2017) Megaproject Risk Analysis and Simulation: A Dynamic Systems Approach. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, UK
  • Zhen Chen, H. Li, H. Ren, Q. Xu, J. Hong (2011) A total environmental risk assessment model for international hub airports. International Journal of Project Management, 29(7): 856-866. IDS No. 823GJ 
  • Zhen Chen (2007) Multi-criteria Decision-Making for the Sustainable Built Environment. ISBN: 0-7049-1209-0.  University of Reading, Reading, UK. British Library system number 013743868

Current research themes

  • automated regulatory & design code checking
  • big data in construction & facilities management
  • BIM integrated assessment & modelling
  • collaborative working & ICT integrated AEC practice
  • computer-aided design studies
  • design semantics & Autonomous decision making
  • green BIM
  • intelligent buildings
  • lean & six sigma integration in construction
  • lifecycle dependability analysis
  • megaproject management
  • modern methods of construction & offsite manufacturing
  • virtual, augmented & mixed reality

Current PhD topics

  • Hybrid Optical Fibre Based Daylighting & LED High Power Source for Buildings, Student: Saleh Seyedzadeh, Supervisors: Dr Farzad Pour Rahimian & Professor Ivan Glesk
  • Offsite Production: A Risk Management Strategy Prototype for Construction, Student: Lin Zhang, Supervisors: Dr Farzad Pour Rahimian & Dr Andrew Agapiou
  • An evidence based approach to safety management in construction, Student: Saikat Maiti, Supervisors: Zhen Chen & Andrew Agapiou
  • An analytic approach to sustainability assessment in urban megaprojects, Student: TBA, Supervisors: Zhen Chen & Andrew Agapiou