chemical plant

Chemical & process engineering Advanced manufacturing and materials

We design, develop, and manufacture new nanostructured materials that can be used to address problems of global significance.

We're working on solutions to energy generation and storage, water purification, carbon capture and pharmaceutical manufacture.

Our key areas of research include the manufacture and application of porous materials and metal-organic frameworks; the properties and processing of polymeric materials; the nucleation, growth and separation of crystals; the applications of electrochemistry to coatings, metal ion recovery, and water clean-up.

Meet the team

Prof Jan Sefcik smiling at the camera

Professor Jan Sefcik

Our research expertise is in particle engineering and nanostructured materials, with focus on the design of novel particulate products and efficient processes for their manufacturing.

Dr Leo Lue smiling at the camera

Dr Leo Lue

We develop mathematical models, ranging from the molecular to the continuum up to the plant scales, in order to better understand, design, and optimise novel chemical processes.

Ashleigh Fletcher smiling at the camera

Dr Ashleigh Fletcher

Focusing on the development and characterisation of new nanoscale materials, these are employed in a range of test applications targeting adsorption systems.

Karen Johnston smiling at the camera

Dr Karen Johnston

My research focuses on modeling materials with soft-hard matter interfaces using mainly quantum mechanics and classical molecular dynamics simulations. 

Demos Kivotides smiling at the camera

Dr Demosthenes Kivotides

We work on physics, numerics and algorithmics of colloidal suspensions and polymer solutions. Our research covers the whole range of manufacturing related flows from simple extensional and shear flows to fully developed turbulence.

miguel jorge smiling at the camera

Dr Miguel Jorge

We're using cutting-edge multiscale modeling approaches to understand, control and design novel nanoporous materials, so their properties can be tailored for specific applications.

Dr Paul Mulheran smiling at the camera

Dr Paul Mulheran

I use the ARCHIE-WeSt supercomputer to model materials evolution. Current projects include PhD studentships on modeling the formation of porous organic gels for use as adsorbents and electrode materials.

Mark Haw smiling at the camera

Dr Mark Haw

My research focuses on particulates such as pharmaceutical powders and suspensions like colloids and swimming algae. We study how such 'multiphase' systems respond to forces, flow, and interactions. 

Dr Iain Burns smiling at the camera

Dr Iain Burns

Investigation of laser induced nucleation with application to crystallisation in the continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical compounds.  In situ monitoring of crystallisation by static and dynamic light scattering.   

Vitor Magueijo smiling at the camera

Dr Vitor Magueijo

My current research activities comprise the production of polymeric membranes using green solvents, the manufacture of nanocellulose based composite materials and the use of deep eutectic solvents for carbon capture. 

Dr Todd Green smiling at the camera

Dr Todd Green

My research interests lie in the areas of electrochemical engineering and electrochemistry, including electrodeposition, metal ion recovery, wet etching and electrochemical microfabrication. 

sudipta roy smiling at the camera

Professor Sudipta Roy

My research interests lie in the areas of electrochemical engineering and electrochemistry, including electrodeposition of alloys and coating, processing using ionic liquids and the electrochemical treatment of effluents waste water. 

Chris Price smiling at the camera

Dr Chris Price

I'm working on developing technologies for continuous purification and isolation of active pharmaceutical ingredients with physical attributes suitable for continuous formulation to drug products.