two engineers at a wind farm at sunrise

Chemical & process engineering Energy

We're looking at the development, well-being, and progress of society is closely linked to the availability of energy. 

We're developing more effective methods for the extraction of conventional energy resources, as well as researching ways to make alternative energy sources, such as biomass, more economically competitive. 

In addition, we're actively developing novel chemical processes that more efficiently and more cleanly use current energy resources.

Meet the team

sudipta roy smiling at the camera

Professor Sudipta Roy

I'm interested in the areas of electrochemical engineering and electrochemistry. The research encompasses new engineering novel chemistry and materials for electrochemical energy devices, like batteries, capacitors, and fuel cells.

Ashleigh Fletcher smiling at the camera

Dr Ashleigh Fletcher

With significant experience in the manufacture, modification, and characterisation of carbonaceous materials, work includes closed-loop approaches to carbon capture and development and deployment of biochar media.

Demos Kivotides smiling at the camera

Dr Demosthenes Kivotides

We work on the physics, numerics, and algorithmics of incompressible/compressible flows, superfluids and magnetohydrodynamic plasmas. Our research covers a range of flows relevant to gas and oil, cryogenic and nuclear energy industries.

miguel jorge smiling at the camera

Dr Miguel Jorge

Some of the most energy-intensive chemical processes are challenging gas separations. We're developing computational models to predict how promising new materials perform in those separations, aiming to replace current technologies with energy-saving adsorption processes.

Dr Jun Li smiling at the camera

Dr Jun Li

My research is focused in the field of valorisation of biomass and wastes with particular interests in the development of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics and fuel characterisation experimental methods for optimising thermal energy engineering processes of combustion, gasification, pyrolysis and torrefaction.

Dr Iain Burns smiling at the camera

Dr Iain Burns

I'm interested in laser imaging of reacting flows applied to emissions reduction from combustion. Techniques include laser-induced incandescence; laser-induced fluorescence; cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy; cavity ring-down spectroscopy. 

Edward Brightman smiling at the camera

Dr Edward Brightman

I work on a range of research in electrochemical energy conversion and storage, including fuel cells, electrolysers and redox flow batteries.


paul grassia smiling at the camera

Dr Paul Grassia

I'm interested in foam and multiphase fluid processes. These find use not only in the energy sector (foam-based improved oil recovery) but elsewhere too in separation technologies (foam fractionation, liquid-liquid extraction).  Innovative processes like these are alternatives to conventional separation techniques, which are often energy intensive.