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Chemical & process engineering Society and policy

Engineering and technology should benefit society and ensure its well-being. 

This is why much of our research is devoted to enabling sustainable development and minimising the impact of industry on the environment.

We're also leveraging advances in social and behavioral sciences with our technical expertise and experience to incorporate human factors in improving methods of engineering education and in designing effective safety systems.

Meet the team

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Dr Chris Price

Our contribution to pharmaceutical manufacturing through CMAC seeks to enhance access to medicines by increasing quality and reducing costs with the aim improving people’s health and wellbeing.

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Dr Mark Haw

My research looks at the way students experience social interactions in teamwork projects, how social factors such as gender and background influence students in group tutorials and other learning scenarios, and how ‘disruptive’ technologies such as virtual reality might impact learning.

Esther Ventura-Medina 500x500

Dr Esther Ventura-Medina

The SkIL (Skills, Interactions and Learning) research group studies behavioural and social interactions in relation to teamwork, problem solving and decision-making. Our projects on areas such as engineering education and process safety serve to inform and improve training and workplace practices.

Ashleigh Fletcher smiling at the camera

Dr Ashleigh Fletcher

Studying the threshold concepts that exist within chemical engineering and how structured learning, such as hybrid problem-based learning and peer-assisted tutorials, can support students in this process, my research also contributes to the development of pedagogic strategies within my teaching.

Dr Paul Grassia

Dr Paul Grassia

I'm interested in dewatering of solid-liquid wastewater suspensions, with applications to recovering and recycling clean water from waste. Provision of adequate supplies of clean water is one of today's most pressing global social issues, and deployment of water recycling technologies can help policy makers formulate guidelines for sustainable water use.